What if 2020 was just the beginning !

What if 2020 was just the beginning !

transit 2021

Hi everyone, i’m Sébastien (my sannyas name is Rajan) .

I have been practising astrology for several years now.

Through this post I would like to share with you my vision of the beginning of the year 2021.

Firstly, sorry for the spelling mistakes, i have the perfect excuse: i’m French.

For those who are curious, as you surely must know, the perfect conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter was formed during the winter equinox.

After spending the whole of 2020 in the sign of Capricorn, they have now entered in the sign of Aquarius.

This is fine, but what does it announce?

The last time these 2 planets were in conjunction was in 2000 in Taurus.

First of all, it is necessary to know that the conjunctions of Saturn-Jupiter can be a source of tension and social restriction.

Saturn, in astrology represents structuring, discipline and perseverance. While Jupiter represents social radiation, excesses.

To make these two planets live together can seem complicated being 2 energies almost opposite, but complementary, one brings fire, dynamism, spirit and the second comes to structure that (Saturn obviously).

But the passage of these 2 planets on Pluto in 2020 must have been the trigger of a deep and irreversible change (Pluto taking away what corresponds to us anymore),

This conjunction Pluto – Saturn – Jupiter in Capricorn had taken place for the last time 6000 years ago, so to tell you that it is rare situation.

In Capricorn, the world of work was touched, the atmosphere was cold and rigorous, today in Aquarius it is more the human values which will be touched and material with the transit of Uranus in Taurus which approaches at great steps…

Say hello to the transit of Uranus !

If you think it has been hard, expect a revival, or even a rather agitated crisis. It could be quite shaky.

Why such a movement of revolt is announced ?

Uranus currently quietly in Taurus (the 1st decans are in full transformation and change) is going to have the visit of Saturn and Jupiter in unfavourable aspect.

Jupiter kick off !

The first planet to meet Uranus will be Jupiter around the 17th – 18th January 21.

As a little reminder Uranus is the planet of changement, indeed the important changes of our life are often marked by the transits of Uranus the planet of extravagance, liberation, REBEL ENERGY!

So now imagine it meets the energy of Jupiter, social world meets changement, socio-professional expansion meets novelty.

Energy of rebellion badly mastered, need for independence to excess.

So yes, a certain reversal of codes is to be expected, it will require us to broaden our consciences, our material values in our lives.

At the most difficult times, radical changes, tensions and impulsivity .

And Mars knocks at the door…

Mars comes to throw in his two cents around January 20-21, for a few days only, he will be conjoint to Uranus, thus allying himself somehow against his little conflict with Jupiter.

So, to be honest expect more aggression, the revolutionaries will have the support of Mars. Social crisis present, with physical aggressiveness possible.

But where has Saturn gone ?

It’s coming, don’t worry, it will come to visit Uranus in the same way, one month after Jupiter, around February 17-18.

May our need for structuring meet our need for independence !

This aspect will put time to the test on a collective level. We may feel stuck with limits to independence.

Saturn represents rigour, discipline, but Uranus wants him to keep his independence and it can send the restrictions demanded by Saturn away.

Meaning, some problem of stock market crises, authoritarianism, great tensions, climate of stress, pessimism, frustrations.

The younger ones may feel the need to rebel.

My personal advice: Saturn comes here to ask us to structure ourselves as individuals in our authenticity.

Our independent, original side now needs roots and discipline.

Learn patience at the expense of jumping from experience to experience, from novelty to novelty.

Anything that is not built on solid foundations is bound to burst.

My friends, I would have a lot to say about this double square (Jupiter-Saturn / Mars – Uranus) which is coming soon. Yes in my eyes, something will happen…

But please don’t take my sentence on negative way.

Our social values and life discipline on the one hand and independence and action on the other.

Some questions for ourself :

What are our values at independence ?

And, are these in line with our moral values ?

Novelty needs to find its own roots!

New experiences need to be nourished concretely, growing and above all putting down roots, in order to better evolve in community “in Aquarius”.

And Uranus in Taurus confirms the need for concreteness in our life!

What are the Sun signs that interact most with this planetary transit ?

Of course the signs of Aquarius will strongly feel this transit as well as Taurus, it will be particularly powerful for the 1st decans (those born between the 21st and the 1st Er of the month).

They will feel more than all other signs this global transit.

People born under the sign of Leo and Scorpio will be strongly impacted by this transit too:

For Leo, Aquarius being opposite to their sign and Taurus in a square (90° – unfavourable aspect) and for Scorpio it will be the opposite: Aquarius in a square and Taurus opposite.

The square as a fixed sign! ( remind fixed signs : Taurus, Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio )

They will have to find the bridge to make these 2 types of energy circulate, on the one hand the construction in social values on a long term and on the other hand this need for change and independence.

Why this need to want to stand out amongst the others?

They will also have to learn how to structure their lives and calm their excesses.

Asking to learn patience and discipline.

Beware of the risk for the Leo.

Scorpio may feel a certain frustration, brakes, social bonds to rediscover, a lack of energy.

Sagittarius will be able to find some wisdom in their social value and socio-professional recognition as well as for the Libra.

Favourable period for Cancer, Virgo and Pisces, specially for the 1st decan (people born between 21-01), the other decans will only feel it later in the year and the next year).

Their Sun makes good aspect with the Taurus.

The Changement will be knocking at their door and if they are ready to open it, this will herald great surprises, a great renewal.

Also a good aspect for the Capricorn who will be able to breathe a little after having experienced the passage of Jupiter and Saturn in their sign.

However, the 3rd decans (11 to 21 of the month) will always have Pluto above their heads: still some deep questioning.

Of course here we take into account that the Sun of the person is not enough for an complet interpretation.

Imagine that a person is of the sign of Aries, therefore of a dominant nature with a lot of dynamism it is very likely, but we must take into consideration the other energy centres:

The Ascendant takes an essential place, as well as the so-called personal planets: The Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars.

Each human being are different, fortunately moreover.

Breathe, connect through the silence, prayer, meditation, conscious presence, stay positive, visualise a positive and evolving changement for the human consciousness to come…

For more information and the discovery of your 2021 prediction, contact me!

Until then, I wish you all a very beautiful new year 2021 with love and gratefulness!

Namaste everyone!

Sébastien Rajan

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